Relational Partnerships

Nooma specializes in Relational Partnerships to help you and your team focus on your strengths. This eliminates the pressure to hire part or full-time staff to fill skill-gaps in your team. This changes everything.

IT Management

IT is the backbone of all of your organizational management and production systems. This is a great place to start building. 

ChMS/Website/Social Media

Integrated systems and workflows allow your leadership teams to spend less time managing and more time leading. Win. 

Audio/Visual/Lighting & Live-stream Production

An engaging Audio/Visual/Lighting live production helps focus attention, remove distraction and create relational bridges that carry a life-changing message. 

VOIP Phone Service

Premium VOIP phone service that rivals big-box solutions on value, features, and customer support. Connect better, for less. 

Distributed Knowledge-Base

Teams are foundational to an organization accomplishing its mission, but the truth is, volunteers and staff come and go. Often times, their working knowledge of what they do goes with them. This makes onboarding, retraining,  and troubleshooting a constant moving target. Nooma compiles documentation, systems maps, training materials and even password vaults so you don't need to reinvent the wheel should something unexpected happen to your team. 

Accomplishing the mission of your organization should be the primary focus of your leadership team. This can be challenging when there are so many moving parts to keep track of especially in today's ever-changing world. I've been working with churches, non-profits and for-profit businesses for over 15 years helping them implement solutions that focus on eternity. 

Patrick Kelly